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How do I Nominate & Register a Candidate?

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STEP 1: Review the Summary of the Nominating and Registering a Candidate Process
STEP 2: Submit Candidate Nomination Form

Please register your Candidate details on Eventbrite.

Please note, for multiple couples or multiple individuals, separate nomination form submissions will be required.

Once the form has been submitted, our Registration/Pre-Weekend team will then send an email to your candidate for them to confirm their details and begin the process of communicating to them about their Weekend.

For questions or issues about filling out the form, please contact the Pre-Weekend Team.

Wait List: Please note, there are a limited number of spots available for each Tres Dias Weekend. If you are attempting to nominate a Candidate on the Eventbrite Nomination page and there are no tickets remaining for a Weekend, we do have a wait list. To include your Candidate nomination on the wait list, please contact the Pre-Weekend Team and DO NOT proceed to Step # 3 (donation) if you have not been able to complete the Eventbrite Nomination Form.

STEP 3: Make a Candidate Donation ($225 per candidate)

Make a donation (minimum suggested donation is $225 per Candidate) to help cover the costs associated with their Tres Dias Weekend. Click here to complete your donation using One Way Ministries’ Donor Perfect platform.

For questions or issues about completing this step in Donor Perfect, please contact our Admin Couple, Brent Daniel and Vicki Coughey

Support Available – If you are unable to make the minimum donation of $225 per Candidate, support is available.

If you have any questions about support, please contact the Pre-Weekend Team.

Summary of the Candidate Nomination and Registration Process

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Summary of the Candidate Nomination and Registration Process
  1. Pray that God would give you love, wisdom and discernment in nominating a candidate.
  2. Read through the Nominating Responsibilities (PDF) document and all the details below.
  3. If you feel led to nominate someone, pray God will give you the courage (if needed) along with the right heart and words in asking them.
  4. Suggested things to tell them about the weekend:
    • There will be 15 total talks during the weekend, each building on the previous talks, and opportunity to discuss those talks
    • We will have lots of times to sing together and worship
    • There will be several drama skits, some entertaining and some quite serious
    • There will be a Chapel and communion time at least once each day
    • The food will be great, and refreshments always available
    • Several people will share very openly about how God has met them, even unexpectedly, in both painful and joyful seasons of life
    • I met some really wonderful brothers and sisters from other churches and have new friends as a result
    • God showed me __________ (ie: about how much I didn’t understand His love), and ________ (ie: set me free from things I’d been carrying needlessly for years). Your personal story is significant here, so don’t be afraid to share it!
  5. If your candidate says ‘OK’, follow “STEP 2 and STEP 3” listed above.
  6. Start collecting Palanca letters, letting family/friends know that your candidate will be attending a Tres Dias weekend, and enlisting their prayers. To help request letters, click here to download an example: Sample ‘Request for letters from family and friends’ Letter (Word Version | PDF Version) Collect letters from your candidate’s spouse (if applicable), children, family members, pastor, friends, co-workers, etc. (should be someone who would write something encouraging and positive). Don’t forget to write one yourself! If the candidate is married, we suggest that you explain privately that it’s traditional for one spouse to receive a love letter from the other. Mark the letters in an upper corner with “spouse”, “son”, “daughter”, “family”, “friend”, etc.Please don’t ask the candidate’s spouse to notify family members or to collect letters, this is your role. This also helps to minimize knowledge about the scope of the letter collection, which helps protect the specialness of the surprise.
    (Once the husband has attended, he can contact friends and family members and help collect letters for his wife.)
  7. Bring the candidate to Camp and attend the Send-Off Ceremony (or coordinate a person to drive them to/from the weekend site).
  8. Drop off Palanca letters and any additional Palanca to the Palanca team. Remember: Palanca is a surprise, so be discrete.
  9. Pray for your candidate and the team throughout the weekend.
  10. Come to the Closing Ceremony, bring your candidate home and continue to build them up as they go into their 4th day. Encourage them to join a reunion group and attend Secuelas.

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